RES is strategically positioned to enable our clients to achieve their development objectives at the lowest possible cost. We have a track record in delivering a reduction in project development costs. We do this by:


  • Seamless integration between subsurface and surface infrastructure; and

  • Applying direct field experience from numerous resource plays; and

  • Providing a multidiscipline team that has a track record in delivering outcomes; and

  • Analysing project schedules to identify potential savings in materials and resources. 



Our advisory services focus on monetising value and include:


  • Due diligence

  • Risk and opportunity audits

  • Field development planning

  • Program development

  • Strategy formulation and execution

  • Risk and value alignment

  • Delivery transformation

  • Strategic sourcing and procurement

  • Engineering 





Our field services focus on safe and efficient delivery of field outcomes and include:


  • People – providing the right people for your project when you need them


  • Equipment – sourcing surface equipment


  • Completing specific tasks 


  • Full program management